March 27, 2019

MOSAIK – The Abrafaxe. likes · 13 talking about this. The Abrafaxe were created in as main characters for the German comic magazine MOSAIK. Mosaik – Abrafaxe Sammelband Book Series (3 Books). Latest Book in the Series . Die Abrafaxe. Mosaik Sammelband Die Seidene Schnur. Go to book. 1. Die Abrafaxe. Mosaik Sammelband Dicke Luft in Paris. [Amelie Fried] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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But he can also be very charming, especially when there’s a woman involved.

Suitable for older children or adults. Their journey leads them through a magical oriental world full of secrets and unexplainable events, via the pyramids of Egypt to Mesopotamia, where the miraculous storyteller Hodscha Nasreddin takes care of them.

On the eve of the th anniversary of the death of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnizthe German Museum of Books and Writing of the German National Library will be opening a gallery exhibition devoted to the great scholar in his role as a principal character in the oldest and most popular German comic magazine ” Mosaik “. Brabax and Califax accompany his mother to a monastery where Brabax starts searching for the mysterious Book with Seven Seals.

Thus, the Abrafaxe find almost all of their dreams fulfilled here. The Abrafaxe are three little adventurers who have been travelling around the world since In feudal Japan 24 issues ; Japan; After having been kidnapped by the Mongols and having been in distress and confronted with a tornado, the Abrafaxe land at the Japanese coast.

Thus, they might help building the pyramids in Ancient Egypt, go sailing with the legendary Sir Francis Drake or find themselves on a journey on the famous Orient Express. They soon gain a foothold, though. They get to know Li and his bride-to-be Lu. It consists of a pages comic story about the Abrafaxe and their adventures throughout the world. Some of them were also published in books.

Books and Short Stories. Hunting rogue Skrotonos the Abrafaxe and Sibylla, the pretty fortune-teller, arrive in Egypt where they leap through time, back to ancient Egypt of monarch Nefertiti and her famous successor Tutankhamun. It’s hard to believe that this funny guy is about to experience one of the most beautiful love stories with one of the most wonderful women of the MOSAIK universe: But the clown Hans Wurst and the Hungarian folk hero Ludas Matyi as well as the Abrafaxe manage to put fun into the adventure despite the fights between the Austrians and the Hungarian kuruc army.


He is an analyser and has a broad knowledge abrafade often helps to find surprising solutions to a problem. In medieval Germany 25 issues ; Germany, Italy; Abrax soon chums up with Floribert von Wackerstein, a young count who is being expelled from his castle.

They consist of dashing Abrafax, smart Brabax and chubby enjoyer of the fine things in life Califax. Now he’s travelling backwards and forwards in time turning history upside down. Again their archenemy Don Ferrando is in on it and causes distress, e. You need to login to do this.

At the Orang Lauts’ abrafsxe issuesMalaysia; about Each day, a prince arrives at the court of the king of Orissa to fetch the princess promised to him.

And one day, the Abrafaxe find a diamond in the Rocky Mountains which is as big as the Ritz Califax is a relaxed guy who is most content when he’s eating. However, their “American abrafaaxe of life” does not remain for long. He likes to act on the spot and doesn’t fear taking risks. The mosqik of the German Book and Writing Museum of the German National Library is to collect, exhibit and process evidence of book and media history.

So, the crazy race around the world has yet begun. Area Josaik Home About us News: Thus, you get a good insight into the cultural, political, or social conditions of the Abrafaxe’s specific hosting countries.

Mosaik 500

Together with the three Abrafaxes – Abrax, Brabax and Califax – he meets the great and powerful figures of the time: He is always eager to learn and to look behind things. They have been having adventures across time since their debut in January in the relaunch of the East German comic-book magazine Mosaikwhich netted them an entry in the Guinness Book of Records for the longest continuing comic-book story.

  SI2305 PDF

Thus an issue of Mosaik will always contain, besides the monthly episode of the saga, some illustrated text features that deal with aspects of the country and historical era it is set in, from biology to, e.

The mathematician, philosopher, inventor and historian Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz was born in in Leipzig and abrzfaxe in in Hanover, and is regarded as one of the great European polymaths.

Online Catalogue Web Pages Search: Using the latest invention of their brilliant friend, a submersible, they head for an island in the Strait of Malacca Omsaik, the princess has been captured by local pirates, the Orang Laut “the sea people”on her way to her groom.

Those aren’t worth anything In addition to all that, a Mongolian patrol shows up commissioned to prepare the invasion into Japan To make matters worse their comrade Wido Wexelgelt is very clumsy.

But the happy ending is not yet to come: Introducing the Abrafaxe Abrataxe Adventurers The Abrafaxe are three little adventurers who have been travelling around the world since Tchimbota understand you well, Bwana Corneau!

A specific story mosiak continued in several issues making up a complete series. Since excellent comic books with the Abrafaxe have been published. Abrafaxe publications have sold more than million copies so far. Brabax is the smart one.

Die Abrafaxe (Comic Book) – TV Tropes

Then, the Abrafaxe are supposed to mosaio a Hakim’s daughter who has been kidnapped. At first, cousin Don Alfonso, who has been poisoned, must be cured. With the Abrafaxe Mosaik continued to go from strength to strength, reaching a maximum print run of a million copies in the total population of the GDR then numbered 17 million ; it also successfully mastered the transition to capitalism after Thus, there are more than 1, one-pagers available as digital files now.

Illustrated Books and Novels Apart from their comic-adventures the Abrafaxe also made excursions into other categories of literature.