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Mohan Publications All Books In Internet Archive: @ mohanpublications Mohan Publications Book List: . Acharya hrudayam has 3 ratings and 0 reviews. This book contains the simple Tamil commentary written by Prapanna Vidwan othama Naidu for. Acharya Hrudayam – Moolam and Vyakhyanam Book in Tamil published by PBA Swami

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By studying hrudyaam Vedas we attain knowledge. He who gives birth to the divine swaroopa gnana to the soul is even greater than a mother who gives birth to the body.

The diabolic effects of karma are due to “Poi nindra gnanam” Thiruviruth. The logs group and regroup during this travel.

The same applies to Thiruvoymozhi also. They easily perceive Him and perform Kainkarya to this Archamurthi completely enchanted by Him.

Acharya hrudayam by othama Naidu

Realising this difficulty on part of the souls the Lord descended out of His own will on this Bhooloka as the Nara-Narayana Rishis and revealed the true knowledge of all Vedic texts-The Periya Thirumantra. Then in what sense are the prabhandas of the Aazhwars equal to the Sanskrit Vedas? This Karma is acharyq a form of Kainkarya to the Lord. The Thirumantra houses the Lord Himself-the Mother of all souls. The endpoint of bliss is hrhdayam to the Lord alone and attaining SriVaikunta.


Mukundu Nagesh added it Dec 13, It attains clarity at SriRangam where it deposits everything before entering and hfudayam its base. From that knowledge we learn our anushtanas and lead a highly principled life.

This entrance is a gift to SriRangam as the water becomes clear. Those who do not have such devotion towards Sri Vishnu and remain confused are very ignorant. When asked why he preferred to perform it alone at a different place; he replied ,” Those gathered yonder are performing their anushtana based on caste and asrama. Was it not a singer of the so referred low caste who rescued a Brahmin? I am your relative. Just as the Ganges descended from the skies and flows through the lands with its numerous tributaries cleansing the sins of many, the inner sense conveyed by “uth” manifested as the Thiruvoymozhi-the thousand pasuram prabhanda for the sake of cleaning the souls of its followers.

Acharya Hrudayam

Lack of Knowledge about God 2. How badly would they destroy the sanctity of its divine revelations? It should be handled carefully and only by the right person and that too for only a particular period of time. The essence of the Upanishads is the Narayana Anuvaga. Venkatesan marked it as to-read Dec 03, Everywhere they realise that they have surrendered to Him and their only goal remains Kainkarya.

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Hence language should not be taken as a criteria for deciding the authenticity of the content. Just as the Mother does not expect anything from the child in return for her love ; the Lord showers His grace on the souls without expecting anything from the soul in return. Sastris on the other hand consider Karmadi upasanas and their angas as their own means and Bhoga.


He is “Veda Mudalvan” Pe. Their upadesa mantra is the Gayatri-the mother of all chhandas. Similarly in Sidhopaya the Lord takes the effort to carry the soul across the samsara sagara to Mokshaloka. Thus the authenticity of both Vedas is unquestionable. The same Vishwamitra sent Trisanku to the skies. Only a few reach their correct destination. No trivia or quizzes yet. The Sastris take time to realise that Narayana is the antaryami or the Supersoul of all these Devas.

There is no necessity to go to any other Deva for this way of attaining salvation. What is important then -for example is- Vishnu Sahasranama of the Mahabharatha. Return to Book Page.

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