June 12, 2019

Om Sri Ganeshaya Namaha Dear Ganapathiji, Could you please tell us more about the Amnaya Stotram and Tripura Sundari sthawarajam. One of the frequently asked questions is – which among the several AmnAya mantras does a shrIvidyopAsaka recite every day? AmnAya. I will post the summary, as I did for the dvAraka maTha, for the other three AmnAya maTha-s. May be scholars like shrI Charles Wikner*, can.

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Stotam you are aware that every Devi Upasaka’s minimum spiritual routine consists of apart from his nithya karmas and manthra japa — Chanting of the following everyday 1.

Friday, February 17, Sri Devi Upasana. The Kanchi institution is in Kanchipuramthe seat of Sri Kamakshi and the Southern-most mokshapuri. In the Lalita – ashtottara she is described as Kamakoti – mahapadma – pithastha. Enquiries made from the people of Mysore revealed the existence of a tradition that Sri Sarada Sarasavani after the defeat of Mandanamisra decided to ascend to Brahmaloka when Sri Sankara bound her by Vanadurga – mantra and beseeched her to follow sttotram till he installed her sakti in this loka itself for bestowing her grace on aspirants for knowledge.

How it was amnaa is explained below.

In the colophon to each chapter of the work it is stated that it has been written at the direction nirmapita of Sri Sachchidananda Bharatithe head of that matha It may be noted here that Adivaraha is the Perumal of Tirukkalvanurone of the hundred and eight divya – desas of the Vaishnavitessung by the Vaishnavite Alvars.

On the upper sttoram of the main shrine of this temple there are two stucco figures, one standing and the other sitting, depicting some relevant puranic aspects in connection with that temple. Chandramaulisvara – Kamakshi is the sakti Sivasakti of Paramesvara.

Amnaya Stotram | Sangeetha Music

But there are two verses in sarga 15 of that work from which we may infer a reference to Sri Kamakshi. The institution for the Southern region should have been at Ramesvaram or Kanyakumari which is the corner or cardinal point in the South.


Among the many details in the Amnaya relating to the institution of Sri Sankarathe kshetra and the devi – pitha i. Monier Williams in stitram Sanskrit – English Dictionary referring to the Anandagiri – Sankaravijaya says that it is a biography of Sri Sankara recording his controversial victories over numerous heretics. This seems to be the reason for the difference in the names of the sakti and the acharya in the Southern region.

How to account for this discrepancy? Sri Acharyatherefore, adopted the Kamakoti – pitha at Kanchi as his pitha and asked Suresvara to occupy the pitha after him. The figure represents early boyhood.

The institution should have been either at Ramesvaram or Kanyakumari. In the same way, the kshetraRamesvaram one of the chardhams and the deviKamakshi at Kanchithe mokshapuri make one Amnaya institution.

Amnaya Stotram Wth Guidance

Besides this there are also sculptures of Sri Sankara in various postures in the Utsava – Kamakshi and Bangaru – Kamakshi sannidhies in the amnaga. Kanchi is one of the seven mokshapuris.

Preceptors of Advaita – Amnaha Parts: Tirthankathe Annual number of Kalyan of Gorakhpur, at page 53 gives the information that the hill Purnagiri is revered as the devi in her splendor and is situated on the banks of the river Sarada near the borders of Nepal.

There are many other temples, both Vaishnavite and Saivitein Kanchi which contain on their walls and amnay sculptures of ekadanda sannyasis in various postures, like yogasamadhitapaspujaetc. A perusal of ammaya Lalita – sahasranama and the Lalita – trisati will show that Sarada is completely different from Kamakshi or Kamakoti. Further, the work entitled Throne of Transcendental Wisdom says that Sri Sankara established four mathas in the cardinal points of the country.

Although he mentions Kashmir as the place of final resort of Sri Sankaracharyahe declares in the preface to his work that he follows the Madhaviya – Sankaravijayawhich on the other hand mentions Kedarnath as the place of final resort. Preceptors of Advaita – Other Parts:. Sri Suresvara Mandanamisra being the husband of Sarada Sarasavani in his purvasramait would not have been proper to appoint Suresvara in that institution for the worship of Sarada Sarasavanihis srotram in his purvasrama.

The above mantras along with a few other esoteric additions and the numerous mantras amnayx the 6 AmnAyas will constitute these 27 secrets of shrIvidya. In that Puja – krama it is said that a copy of the Anandagiri – Sankaravijaya in the Ramataraka MuttVaranasi, said to have been copied in Sakai.


Besides the variations as regards the kshetra and sakti of the Southern region, there are also some other variations between the Vani Vilas edition of the Mathamnaya and the other Mathamnayas mentioned already. Thank you for your patience. As already mentioned, there is a Sankaraite institution at Kanchithe seat of Kamakshithe sakti of the Southern region.

A amnya, Sivarahasyaan Itihasa comprising more than fifty thousand verses published in Kannada script with Kannada translation as Maharaja Jayachamarajendra Granthamala Series, Volume 21, Zmnaya. Kanchi became more important because Sri Sankaracharya himself stayed there.

Another doubt also confronted me on an additional point. Then xtotram the mantras for the 64 Siddhas starting with mangalanAtha etc. There is a Siva temple in Kanchi called Vyasa Srantasraya.

Amnaya Stotram Song – Download Sri Devi Khadgamala Stotram Song Online Only on JioSaavn

The only conclusion that can be drawn from what is stated above is either that the two SankaravijayasMadhaviya and Chidvilasiya, did not exist at the time of the composition of the Guruvamsa – kavyaor that the authorities of the matha on the banks of the Tunga were not aware of the existence of the above two works, while directing the composition of the Guruvamsa – kavya.

The author of the work says that he follows the path laid down by Kavindraih: In the Varadarajasvami temple itself there is another sculpture on a pillar in the mandapa to the north of the Tayar Sannidhishowing an aged rishi with jatarudraksha and yajnopavita in the sitting posture, showing one finger and an ekadanda atotram in the posture of performing dandavandanam.

At both the temples pujas and archanas can be performed every day.

When these two are engaged in disputation, what can I a servant do?