April 5, 2019

Cast aluminum and zinc kirksite tooling offer a simple and low-cost method of tooling. Disadvantages include a distortion of tools, accuracy. Cast aluminum and zinc kirksite tooling offer a simple and low-cost method of tooling. Disadvantages include a distortion of tools, accuracy problems due to. Low internal tool pressures of METTON allows numerous low-cost tooling options . Cast Kirksite, >50,, Good, 35, Excellent heat transfer. Non-Class A parts.

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Runners, gates, ejector pins and clearance holes are added and mould is shelled to a recommended thickness of 1. Tool life is dependent on many factors, particularly geometric complexity and the nature of the material to be molded.

Tonny January 11, at Thermoplastic hand tool prototype with SLA master and cast kirksite cavity. These are the thermal metal deposition techniques such as wire arc spray and vacuum plasma deposition. Due to the vapor pressure of the zinc, the material is almost immune to the gas porosity encountered with other alloy systems and the shrinkage is approximately half that of aluminum, resulting in great cast mold accuracy and tooling.

Rapid krksite and bridge-to-production of plastic parts using cast moulds. The molds are kept as simple as possible and built for speed, not necessarily efficiency. An alternative process is to build cqst RP mould as a master so that only a single silicon RTV reproduction step is needed because epoxy tooling requires no special skill or equipment. Most of the design considerations used in creating injection molded parts are the same in prototype part design-including draft, fillets, radii and wall thickness.


RP processes for firm tooling fill the gap between soft and hard tooling.

METTON Tooling Options

A word of caution, because the master file must include the appropriate shrink factors hooling both the kirksite and plastic material. It includes less expensive methods with shorter lead times.

Typically, companies have used prototypes for functionality testing in addition to product previews at industry tradeshows or in trade publications. Epoxy tools are used as: Download PDF of article.

We think you have liked this presentation. Companies with very low annual volumes also are able to use thermoplastic parts in their design by using cast kirksite molds for their entire production run.

Best April 8, at Parts made with this material require post curing at oc for one hour. Combining the cast kirksite tooling process with RP and CAD improves prototype, bridge-to-production and short-run parts injection molding. This process converts RP master patterns into production tool inserts with very good definition and surface finish.

This process is based on metal sintering process. Some loss of tolerance is to be expected. Instead of several weeks, a prototype can be completed in a few days or even a few hours. Then the second side of kirksige tool is cured.


Consumer products’ companies with very sophisticated assembly lines are able to set up and fine-tune their lines long before an actual production unit is manufactured, enabling a seamless product launch. Then, a specially-formulated, plaster-base material is cast against the core and cavity patterns to create plaster molds into which the kirksite is cast.

Parts can be moulded in two to three weeks in any thermoplastic production resin, This technology has been around for many years, but with the growth of stereolithography and the need for rapid turnaround of plastic parts in the correct production material, the kirksite approach has re-emerged. Direct Rapid Tooling Processes can be divided into two main groups 1st group: Solutions for hard tooling are based on fabrication of sintered metal steel, iron copper powder tokling infiltrated with copper or bronze.

It is suitable for moulding up to parts.

Product Showcase

First-rate Mold Solution Co. Carri July 22, at 4: It produces short term production patterns. Once the kirksite is cast into the plaster molds, the plaster is broken away, and the kirksite core and cavity are fit into a mold base.