December 30, 2018

Introduction: Cheiloscopy, the study of lip prints, is an upcoming tool for the identification of persons. The lip print of every person is unique and can be used to. 1 Aug PDF | On Mar 26, , Kannan S and others published Cheiloscopy – A Vital Tool In Crime Investigation. 29 Sep PDF | Cheiloscopy, deals with the identification of Humans based on Lip traces, is based on the fact that the pattern of lines on the red part of.

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Second lip impression was taken directly on folded bond paper to record the vermillion border of the lip and third lip impression was taken on the plain glass; modified starch powder was then dusted on the respective lip print; excess powder was blown by using chip syringe and lip prints from glass were retrieved and transferred on another bond paper Figure 1.

Middle part 10 mm of the lower lip impression Click here to view. Lip prints are normal lines and fissures in the forms of wrinkles and grooves present in the zone of transition of human lip, between the inner labial mucosa and outer skin, examination of which is known as cheiloscopy.

Cheiloscopy and blood groups: Aid in forensic identification – ScienceDirect

Suzuki in after conducting the study on Japanese women as mentioned above simplified the classification into five main types [ 316 ] Figure 1. Study of Lip-prints as aid for sex determination.

To study the extent of similarity of the lip print pattern among twins and siblings 50 pairs of twins and 50 pairs of siblings were considered [ 16 ]. Suzuki and Tsuchihashi classification of lip prints pictorial representation. The patterns recover after undergoing alterations like trauma, inflammation and diseases like herpes and they do not vary with environmental factors [ 5 ]. This study was conducted on 40 subjects, which includes 20 males and 20 females.

The aim of our study was to find out any correlation that exists between cheiloscopy and sagittal skeletal jaw relations. Int J Anat Res 2 4: However, we could not compare our results with those of that study as it used a classification of nine types of grooves. Based on lip prints, skeletal class I and class III could be identified more expediently in comparison to skeletal class II.


Cheiloscopy: A new role as a marker of sagittal jaw relation

Lip prints remain the same throughout life and are uninfluenced by injuries, diseases, or environmental changes. The current status of lip prints and their use for identification. Suzuki K, Tsuchihashi Y Two criminal cases of lip print. With prior ethical clearance vide ethical dispatch number dated December 07, and informed consent, lip prints were recorded by application of a nonsmudged but thin and even coat of dark colored lip stick over the oral labial mucosa of the upper and lower lips and transferring the obtained replica to a cellophane paper fixed on to a permanent bond paper.

J Oral Health Comm Dent ;5: J Forensic Dent Sci ;1: The paper was presented and got recognition in 10th Indian Association of Forensic conference. How to cite this URL: A study of the differences between the dento-facial patterns associated with Class II division 1 malocclusion and normal occlusion. Table 3 Correlation among all the parameters in total samples of all three groups by Karl Pearson’s correlation coefficient method.

Cheiloscopic techniques have an equal value in relation to other types of forensic evidences for personal identification [ 5 ] and sex determination. The identification of latent print evidence is often considered the key in solving a crime.

In the past some researchers have worked on lip prints to prove that the gender difference does exist in lip print. But if the parameters vary from the ranges mentioned in the table, the sagittal jaw position is considered to be affected and class II or class III sagittal skeletal jaw relation develops [ Table 1 ].

Suzuki K, Tsuchihashi Y Personal identification by means of lip prints. Luminous lip prints as criminal evidence.

Identification of lipstick smears by fluorescence observation and purge-and-trap gas chromatography. Lipprints — An aid in identification. The digital cephalograms were recorded with Kodak C machine utilized for taking both lateral cephalogram and orthopantomographs. Types III and IV grooves were mostly seen in the upper lip and rarely seen in the lower lip, and type V was seen commonly in the lower lip [ Figure 7 ].

Study of lip prints. J Forensic Dent Sci ;4: The method used to collect data was snowball technique. The study revealed that the lip prints of all the experimental subjects did not match with each other. Comparison of lip pattern among quadrants from previous studies Click here to view.


Since a maximum of four chdiloscopy of lip prints was observed among all the three groups, combination of two types of lip prints was analyzed. Study of lip prints as an aid to forensic methodology.

Cheiloscopy: An aid for personal identification

The observation of lip prints of five pairs of twins group 2 resulted in finding that although the lip print patterns of twins were extremely similar; in detail no two of them were exactly identical. Perhaps the first person to systematically classify lip prints was Santos in Studies on personal identification by means of lip prints. However, this is not the only area that deserves a careful study.

Gul-e-ErumFida M. Related articles Antemortem cheiloscopy forensic odontology gender determination lip prints personal identification. After 2 cgeiloscopy, lip impression was made on a transparent self-adhesive tape having a width of 48 mm. There is no dissent in the forensic science community with regard to either the methodology used or the fact that lip prints cheioscopy a positive identification. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

Efficacy of lip prints for determination of sex and inter observer variability. Methodology In this study, lip prints were obtained from subjects 62 males and 60 femalesand associated blood-group matching was performed to determine the predominant lip print chelloscopy and to determine any correlation between lip print types and blood groups.

All 90 digital cephalograms were analyzed using Dolphin imaging Open Dent J 8: He stated that the wrinkles and grooves on the lips could be divided into simple and compound types and sub-divided them into eight groups. Advanced Search Users Online: