May 22, 2019

It is like stumbling across an alien manuscript, something unearthly and beautifully rendered, but incomprehensible. Cornelius Cardew’s Treatise has been. Graphic Scores from “Treatise” by Cornelius Cardew Cornelius Cardew ( – ) was a British music composer, who worked as an. Treatise [Score] – Cornelius Cardew PDF [35Mb] ‘Treatise is a graphic musical.

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But it is composed according to musical principles and is intended to serve as a score for musicians to play from. And, although Treatise has often attracted free improvisers, we’re definitely not talking anything goes n’importe quoi I have serious doubts about some of the other available recordings of the work, though ; you can hear the players thinking, both in the long stretches of silence and in their explorations on instruments “none of us really knew how to play.

It is apparently only meant to indicate that the graphic elements are musical, not purely artistic, in character. Una nube de […]. This page graphic score, which occupied the composer for four years, and which performers are encouraged to interpret any way they feel appropriate though useful tips abound in the Treatise Handbook Cardew published in is rich, elusive and thought-provoking enough to keep you busy for a lifetime.

At the bottom of each page Cardew has included a double staff, which implies that this is a linear musical score to be read from left to right. We worked regularly over a long period of time, ending up with a 2-hour version of the piece The chapter entitled Treatise: As such, performances of this work will naturally reflect the interpretation of its performer s more than necessarily the score as a traditional composition.

Simplicity is highlighted as the most appealing virtue. The Beauty of Indeterminacy. Cardew refers to Wittgenstein again and quotes him equating the logical structure of recorded music to the logical structure of a score. Rather like in the 6-day cycle race when you sling your partner into the next lap with a forcible handclasp.


Other forms also share the score; for example there is a very large black disc on page and similar smaller discs and partial discs on surrounding pages. Distinguish symbols that enclose space circle, etc. As with many graphic scores I feel that interpretation of the score is best carried out by performance rather than by written critical analysis.

Kotik met Cardew in Warsaw inand they began exchanging scores by mail, including Treatisewhich was a work in progress. Although the score allows for absolute interpretive freedom no one interpretation will sound like anotherthe work is not normally played spontaneously, as Cardew had previously suggested that performers devise in advance their own rules and methods for interpreting and performing the work. He describes his experimentation as a member of the corneliux group AMM.

Selflessness is included to highlight the performers required concern for the work rather than the documentation of it. Bil Smith 22 February at Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This kind of thing happens in improvisation.

Cornelius Cardew – Treatise Handbook

The graphic richness of the score and its resemblance to abstract composition allow the piece to exist also as a purely visual work. Recurring graphic elements suggest the presence of a structure, but each interpretation of the piece trwatise unique as the performer has to set his own rules when confronted with the notation.

Posted by Phillip Henderson. Abstracted minims and crotchets appear, as do ties, slurs, dots, points, lines and numbers. Retrieved from ” https: Forbearance is the permissive characteristic required of an improviser in order to allow the music to exist.

Your email address will not be published. The tapes have been carefully restored and remastered, but there’s still plenty of vintage analogue airiness to caardew sound. He states the implicit contradiction in attempting to describe a piece of work that has been constructed in order to remain open to interpretation. Learn how your comment data is processed.

During the instrumentation of the group expanded far beyond saxophone, piano, violin and guitar. Training is substituted for rehearsal, and a certain moral discipline is an tgeatise part of this training. Musicality is a dimension of perfectly ordinary reality. Treatise handbook, including Bun no.


Treatise (music)

What symbols are for sounding and what for orientation. Is it likely that it is reducible to electrical impulses on tapes and the oscillation of a loudspeaker membrane?

However, Cardew allows resemblances to occur only as scoge reminder of the works musicality. Although the bottom of each page has two five-line musical staves, this is not apparently meant to suggest piano or other keyboard instrument s.

Cardew draws the conclusion that an improvisation cannot be scored or recorded within out corneoius loss occurring because of the absence of this structure. You cornelus Keith Rowe. Do you go out of tune eg? This period of experimentation seems to have allowed Cardew to consider the role of the improviser as a kind of athlete. Cardew worked on the composition from to Alternatively it could allow forms of improvisation. And if you’re looking for interesting musical questions to ask, you can’t do much better than Cornelius Cardew’s Treatise.

Some of the symbols in the treatose clearly echo western notation. Integrity is the importance of a performer remaining true to the concerns of the music. Except where otherwise noted, the content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3. Animated electronic realization of “Treatise” by Shawn Feeney. Connected with this is the proposition that improvisation cannot be rehearsed. However, indications of sounds, noises, and musical relationships do not figure in the score, which is purely treagise Each player interprets the score according to his own acumen and sensibility.

Preparedness is defined as a delicate balance.