January 2, 2019

Mafateh Jinan with Urdu Translation(complete pg).pdf. Ziaraat e Nahiyaa. Dua e Kumail. Sahifa e Kamila – Mufti Jaffar Hussain. Ziyarat e AaleYasin(as). In some books of supplication, this supplication is referred to as Du’a Alqamah named after the companion of Imam as-Sadiq, peace be upon him, Alqamah. I have the habbit to recite Ziyarat e Ashura every Fajr time and then pray 2 Rakaats for the Ziyarat. Although I know the dua is not part of the Ziyarat but I have.

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Peace be on you, O Abu Abdullah, and on those souls who came to your camp to put themselves at your disposal. O dha Allah divert his attention from me and involve him in his own over bearing anxieties which Thou will not cut down, in misfortune which Thou will not make easy to deal with, in waywardness from which Thou will duz lead him back on the right path, in spiritless laziness which Thou will never change into fruitful activity, infamy and disgrace from which Thou will not allow him to rise to the surface, in broken fortune which Thou will not let get set.

Thou dispels the clouds of sorrows, no ore else, save Thee can free the grief-stricken from cares. O He who knows what the furtive eyes betrays and what the secretive hearts conceal!

Dua Alqamah and Ziarat e Ashura – Ahlyul Bayt

As long as I am alive and the days and nights follow each other I invoke Allah to send blessings on you forever and ever. O He who examines the souls when they present themselves before Him after alqmaa O my Allah, let the curse I call down on the head of the first tyrant stick like a leech; and stay put for ever on the first, then the second, the third and the fourth.

O He Who is not annoyed by the insistence of those who entreat Him persistently! All praise be then to Allah.

She died recently and she was buried in such-and-such place. I direct myself towards Thee, through them, in my address, through them I try to get a hearing, through them I put forward my case to get Thy favours, in their names I make a request to Thee. O Aide of the callers for aid! Allahumma ahyinee hayyaata Mohammadin va zurriyyatihim va amitnee mamaatahum va tavaffanee ‘alaa millatihim vahshurnee fee zumratihim va laa tufarriq bainee va bainahum tarfata ‘aynin abadan fiddunyaa val aakhirati yaa Ameeral mu-mineen va yaa.

O He from Whom no secret can remain hidden! Therefore, Thou art my trust, my hope, my retreat, my refuge, my security, unto which one can run for safety, for this reason I call for thy help, and seek Thy support to carry out my affairs easily and successfully, through Muhammad and the children of Muhammad I present myself before Thee, try to draw Thy attention and ask for salvation.


O Fulfiller of wants and needs! O my Allah condemn and damn the first tyrant who unjustly and wrongfully usurped that which rightly belonged to Mohammad and the children of Mohammad, and bring curse upon those who, after him, followed in his footsteps.

Thou comes to help, no one else, except Thee, can do a favour when called for help.

Du’a After Ziyarat ‘Ashura – Du’a Alqamah

O He who is Beneficent and Merciful in His authority! I seek their intercession for me with You.

O He Who is nearer to me than my life-vein! May Allah not make my this pledge of physical and spiritual close association with you both the last fulfilment. Send away from me the terror that frightens me, the encumbrance that I find burdensome, the anxieties that wear me down, freeing me from their impact.

O Savior dja sufferings! Dua Tawassul and Hadith e Kisa.

O He who keeps together and brings into harmony people who know and understand! I will now leave you both.

May Allah never separate me from you both. Thou art near, ready to avert the danger, no one else, save Thee, is close enough to stand by in the hour of trouble. O He who knows what the furtive eyes betrays and what the secretive hearts conceal!

I beseech Allah in the name of your right and the purpose He assigned to you, that He overwhelms me with grief in memory of your sorrows, more than the personal grief that torments any one who is in great agony, sorrows which have no parallel and overshadow all calamities that took place in the history of Islam, for that matter, through out the whole universe. O my Allah, therefore, double up the curse You bring upon them and also the punishment You decree for them.

O He who liberally satisfies those who solicit His favours! Unto alqamq both I have come with love and affection, motivated under Divine incentive. O He who is Beneficent and Merciful in His authority! May Allah condemn and damn the family of Ziyaad and the family of Marwaan. Thou art uda, ready to avert the danger, no one else, save Thee, is close enough to stand by in the hour of trouble. May Allah not make this pledge of physical and spiritual close association with you both the last fulfilment, and may Allah not separate me and you both from one another.

May Allah condemn and damn the son of Fua. Then again say times: O my Allah bring curse upon all of them. O my Allah let contemptible disgrace stick like a leech on the forehead between his two eyes, expose him to emptiness in every effort he makes, let wicked inclination, distraction and inactivity cut deep into his body and soul, in order that Thou diverts his attention from, me, absorbed in his own pursuits that do not free him to employ himself at another, make him think no more of me as he has willfully neglected and forgotten Thee, take away from me and throw overboard his attention, interest, communication, influence, support, and perverted thinking every evil he commits or draws it on himself, let everything he does go waste, defective and incomplete, and do not give any letup so that he is kept fully preoccupied and gets no time to pay attention to me or think of me.


I beg Allah, who honoured you above others, to be generous towards me on account of you, and give me the opportunity to alqa,a with the victorious Imam, the allqama of Mohammad blessings and peace be on him and on his children from Allah at the time of the final and decisive war against Allah’s enemies. May Allah not make my this pledge of close association, physical as well as spiritual, with you the last fulfillment.

O He Who intervenes between man and his heart!

May not Allah let me fall short of in that which I hope for and in that which I look long and attentively to establish everlasting reunion with you. So I beseech Thee, O Allah! O my Allah let me have a meaningful existence as Muhammad his descendants had lived, and die as they departed from this world, take to and carry out completely their creed; and slqama me for the last judgment alongwith the people dedicated to them, and do not cut us in two groupseven for the flash of an eyelid, ever, either in this world or in the life of the hereafter.

You are verily my trust, my hope. O Abu Abdullah, I pray and invoke Allah to send blessings on you. Bound to Thee by oath, living a life according to Thy commands, I carry out my pledge by every means, in the name of the love and devotion Thou has for them, and the influence and status they enjoy in every dimension dka Thy will, the superior most pre-eminence in wisdom and character Thou bestowed upon them to transcend above everything in the whole universe, in the name of Thy name Thou revealed to them in trust, on account of which Thou chose them in preference over everything found in the heavens and the earths, through which Thou built their syndrome, developed alqaja perfection their surpassing excellence in knowledge, learning and deeds, out of all the rest of the people, till their completeness surpassed the total achievement of all the people put together.