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Eleven Hours [Paullina Simons] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. After being abducted from a shopping mall in Dallas, young and very. Eleven Hours Book Description: Didi Wood is nine months pregnant, doing some last-minute shopping before the baby is born. Stepping out. Rights Sales: “Eleven Hours,” an Alternate Selection of the Literary Guild, the Women’s Suspense Fiction: With her third thrilling novel, Paullina Simons has.

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So, that’s how Didi got kidnapped, then, we learn how unstable eeleven repugnant Lyle Luft is. Meanwhile, her husband, Richmond, wrecks-havoc-stresses-his-brains-out trying to find her. The Never Ending Bookshelf Where dreams are just a bookshelf away Although it was captivating, there were a lot of hardly-believable incidents and it felt like it needed more polishing. He wants only her baby and nothing to do with Didi, but that is only because his wife and child were taken from him by God.

Pages later, her tormentor makes a lewd comment toward her and it’s written, “she wished she had something sharp and ragged in her hands at that moment” This didn’t even feel like the same author. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Gours mostly just bursts of verbal abuse, but it’s likely that you’ve read much worse characters in more recent crime novels.

Books and travelling with Lynn lynnsbooks – book reviews and travel musings More a long novella than a novel, this is a most satisfying read. I don’t know exactly why but I keep reading other novels by Paullina Simons looking for the same feeling “The Bronze Horseman” trilogy left me, which I devoured in no time and they are not short books at all!

ELEVEN HOURS by Paullina Simons | Kirkus Reviews

Don’t get in the car! This novel is not for the faint hearted though as there are some harrowing scenes of violence and struggle, particularly towards the end. Paullina also does not yb any means romanticise the situation or the kidnapper as some writters tend to do and I appreciated this for the truth of paullinz situation.


Refresh and try again. After stabs at American Gothic Tully, and at high-brow whodunit Red Paulina,Russian-born novelist Simons tries her oaullina at a Jun 28, Kerri Duff rated it liked it. First off, this novel was originally published inso it understandably, laughably reads VERY 90s now.

Wow…this got my heart racing. So, if you’re looking for a thriller, go for a Stephen King’s or even a James Patterson’s and don’t bother with this novel. From the moment she sees him, Didi feels that there is something evil about Lyle. When she decides to grab a quick bite before leaving the mall a stranger approaches her an engages in polite small talk. Maybe as a thriller I was expecting sijons be thrilled more but it was very predictable and more like a slice of life story. Says more about me I guess.

Very different to her other books, I couldn’t imagine her writing something like this! Sometimes it seems like Simons is two different authors. On that day, Lyle Luft entered Didi’s yours, changing it forever.

Sam Still Reading Read whatever, whenever, however. I’ll end on a positive though.

You feel the desperation of this woman and understand her actions instinctively, you feel her reasoning through your whole being through your essence as a human. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. When it is 1: Paullina Simons wastes no time getting to the point.

However it’s lack of depth was it’s greatest letdown. I could identify with Didi, because even t This book was only written two years before the Bronze Horseman, and it was so incredibly different and so badly written comparatively that I feel very fortunate I didn’t read this first. The religion that wound its way through the plot seemed excessive and not plausible. There are time stamps at the beginning of each chapter, so the reader can keep track of how much time is passing.


Book Review: Eleven Hours by Paullina Simons | Theresa Smith Writes

Everything there is to paullinaa is here, as nine month pregnant Didi is enjoying the air con in the dead of summer, minding her own business and filling in time till she meets up with her loving husband, Rich, for lunch. She stared directly at him without averting her gaze. Next the FBI steps in and the officer in charge Scott decides to persue this kidnapper, all the while bragging his record on being able to catch the culprit.

The sense of dread at the beginning, the fear after Didi was taken; this novel was very well done. Paullima was not very hard to imagine how helpless she would have felt, in her condition, in her situation.

Eleven Hours

Sure, it gives the reader a lot of dialogue with him and the cocky FBI agent – and why just one? Brilliant book, true to Paulinna Simons style. But something about this shopping also put me off about Didi as a character in general when she mentions that her child had requested a set of wooden blocks We never really got a look inside the kidnapper’s crazy, twisted ass mind, and Scott, the FBI guy, was a little too flip and friendly to be believed.

You’re nine months pregnant, a few minutes away from having lunch with your husband, there is nothing good coming out of a car ride with a strange man who spooks you out. Paperbackpages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The story telling alternates between Didi herself trapped by a sometimes violent but always unpredictable kidnapper, and her husband Rich with Scott, the FBI agent assigned to catch the kidnapper.