February 2, 2019

The problem with these cures, the British novelist Kingsley Amis () wrote in his now-classic book “On Drink,” is that they deal only. Review: Everyday Drinking by Kingsley AmisThese recipes belong to a vanished world, in which you had to think hard as to how to get as much. ‘I don’t really like wine. Gin is for pansies, and liqueurs are best left to patent- shoed Wops’.

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He was the author of more than 20 novels, including the classic Lucky Jim.

Judging from the effect of the smoking ban on our village pub, this great English institution has now been consigned to history. Kingsley Amis was one of the best-respected British novelists of the midth century.

Selected pages Page 1. It saves so much time.

Everyday Drinking

I loathe pubs with loud music, but my utmost detestation is reserved for sanctimonious dustilled. The digested read digested: If you are sufiiciently aware, according to Kingsley Amis, to remember aspirin before going to ams, then you obviously weren’t having a good time. This is remedied by cutting out food entirely and drinking all spirits without mixers. Topics Kingsley Amis Digested read. This book is a collection of newspaper pieces and there is a fair amount of repetition but it’s informative and funny.

This is why I prefer to do much of my drinking at home. Gosh is that the time? My advice is to offer them the cheapest tipple you can find; my local off-licence does a ghastly Mosel at 70p a bottle. I’ve never cared for even the best wines, and this should guarantee those poncing off you neither ask for top-ups nor stay long, thereby leaving you more money and time for the pub. A philanderera boozer and I assume a misanthrope, he should be a pleasure to read on drink and fortunately ,he is.


Review: Everyday Drinking by Kingsley Amis | Books | The Guardian

Who will buy this? The one downside to drinking is that it can make you fat.

Well, you aren’t reading this for social history. A great little book for a quiet December evening! To the violence of the brewers, however, disfilled been added that of the politicians, who have banned the activity – smoking – that brought people from their homes of an evening, and which both conserved and overcame their shyness.

Each chapter is packed with observations that, in their utter disregard for political correctness, social inclusiveness and phoney compassion, are as punchy and uplifting as the vile cocktails they describe. Kingslye keeps it light, never snooty, and tries to educate you about drinking. Kingsley dismisses the run-of-the-mill cures that you can find in any newspaper, since they omit ‘all that vast, vague, awful, shimmering metaphysical superstructure that makes a hangover a [fortunately] unique route to self-knowledge and self-realisation’.

Everyday Drinking: The Distilled Kingsley Amis – Kingsley Amis – Google Books

Kingsley blames the brewery chains for this violence against the very heart of English society. This consolation was arbitrarily destroyed during the Seventies by one-armed bandits, kitsch signs and the conversation-stopping noise of pop music.

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Doctors assure us that wherever you find an elderly, pompous old writer long ristilled his prime you will find a bottle of scotch nearby. Kingsley Amis did a stint as a Communist as a young man and with age matured into a faux Colonel Blimp. Everydy practical know-how and hilarious opinionation, this is a delightful cocktail of wry humour and distilled knowledge, served by one of our great gimlet wits.

There are a great many drinks on the market – spirits, wines and beers – and I’ve probably drunk them all. The handy quiz at the end is especially informative but really hard to use with kindle: My weight has gone down to 19st with this diet.

You’ve read Lucky Jim, now try drinking it

If only that were the case. Account Options Sign in. And Amis offers other examples: K kingsely Amis wrote three short books on drink, which are collected for the first time here.

And, for my two cents, he is funniest when he returns again and again to “The Wine Problem. I am afraid that dour Baptist would have cringed in horror at the thought.