March 13, 2019

Friday 12th of June Friedrich Jürgenson and his wife. Monica have left behind their Stockholm apartment for a quiet weekend at their summerhouse. Little does. Voice Transmissions With The Deceased by Friedrich Jurgenson Foreword This book has changed my life. It marks a turning point. Today I know that it has. Book about Electronic Voice Phenomenon by Friedrich Jurgenson.

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Odesa, Odessa Oblast, Ukraine, My telephone conversation with Monika only lasted about six minutes. I frledrich not perceive these sentences acoustically but they formed themselves as long phonetic sentences and after a closer study I couldn’t conceive the words as correct English but in a disfigured almost alphabetical way – completely deformed.

If I proved up to this task, then perhaps the mystery of human life and death could be solved by technical and physical means. My telephone conversation downstairs in the house was inaudible.

Here he also learnt his tenth language. Stunned, I continued to listen when suddenly a man’s voice began to speak in Norwegian. Carino was sitting on my chair happily, waging his short tail.

I hurried from home to call my sister and my wife who had gone out. One evening I was lying on the couch in my studio and tried to look at all the events in an objective way. jurgwnson

First I had however the same skeptical objections as everyone. As I arrived in Stockholm, and in the intoxication of my success started preparations for my Pompeii plans, something happened that would dampen my ambitions.

Even though the voice was quite low I could clearly hear and understand the words. For thousands of years now, especially in times of crisis and danger on our earth, all kinds of sects, occult schools and save-the-world movements have sprouted, nurtured in part by religious, and in part by political and ideological sustenance. Her fiancee had taken his life, and in her desperation the girl was about to do the same.

Electronic voice phenomenon

He began his attempts in using a 78 rpm record, but it wasn’t until — after switching to a reel-to-reel tape recorder — that he believed he was successful.


My ability to concentrate was functioning just fine and my body and mind seemed to be in order as well. The running tape would of course have recorded all these sounds. Today, at 78, he is still working tirelessly to construct a bridge to the other side. I was sleeping remarkably well and was never bothered by any fear or hallucinations.

Of course my own failures and misunderstandings are also clearly revealed by them. If someone shoots a rival in a fit of jealousy, he will be placed behind bars or is executed. Jiirgenson already noted that paranormal voices played backward also contained statements. With my wife I started addressing her mother with a few words in normal volume, then suddenly the volume disappeared and it was strangely quiet. My breath stopped, and at the same time I felt an icy grip on my throat.

In my childhood I attended a German school in Russia and my childhood was happy and harmonious until the First World War delivered a violent blow to the security of our home and hearth. I was addressed, by name and was given evidence that they participated in my life. Just the fact that such a signal could also be given without a radio connection was immensely significant.

Full text of “Voice Transmissions With The Deceased by Friedrich Jurgenson”

This time I was listening with much more alertness and discovered right at the beginning a muffled male voice that said slightly strained but in very audible German: But it seems to me that one must judge the crime of an insane person differently than that of a person in possession of his faculties.

Yet still, I had managed to produce a few contacts by radio, and recorded them on tape. These cases represent radio signals of voices or other sounds from broadcast sources. Meanwhile, in the adjoining bedroom, my wife had put a record with an English lecture on the gramophone. First of all, I had to unmistakably recognize the voices of my friends and to be able to peel them out from the noise babble of the various radio transmissions.

These pictures brought back the memories of a shared childhood and teenage years along with the pain of a lost friend.

Why should I try to interest people whose minds are totally set against something that they could not possibly know anything about.


Physics for Scientists and Engineers: In the streets, the acacias were in full bloom, and their magic scent filled the whole city. Frierich her voice sounded, this was right before the tape came to an end: Shortly thereafter, I turned on the tape recorder because a finch had alighted close by the house.

Electronic voice phenomenon – Wikipedia

It is probably the most meaningful activity to be engaged in for oneself and our fellow human beings. Everything was new and original surpassing by far in significance all of my personal wishes and expectations. There was a slight wind from the south and bright cumulus clouds moved across the light blue spring sky. The original recording was as follows: Jiirgenson neglected his profession and forgot all about earning money because he felt a responsibility for these communications.

It was such a loop of tape, Flynn theorizes, that threaded its way amid the works of Grosse’s recorder. We the deceased are preparing ourselves to reach you in this way.

It is about time that the universities acknowledge the results of the widespread amateur research, so they will not miss the connection and repeat what they said twenty years ago, which was forgivable then because they did not have all the facts, but which is inexcusable today.

I wanted to live with you. As in the case of Columbus there were forerunners whose activity however, did not lead to concrete results. When I was in my jirgenson teens there were a lot of stories in the local newspapers about Mr. I was jrgenson learn about death from a different perspective, when after years, the terror of the civil war came crashing down over Odessa jurgensom waves gone wild. Again, the voice spoke in three languages, namely German, Italian and Swedish. His mother was Swedish and his father was of Danish descent, practising as a physician in Odessa where the family had moved from Estonia.