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Description. Psychic Sexuality. By Ingo Swann. In , Ingo Swann was invited by Dr. Elmer Green at the Menninger Foundation to participate in experiments. Psychic sexuality has 26 ratings and 0 reviews: Published by Ingo Swann Books, pages, Unknown Binding. PSYCHIC. SEXUALITY. The Bio-Psychic “Anatomy” of Sexual Energies. INGO SWANN Published in the United States by Ingo Swann Books,. P.O. Box

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The psychic envelope as I term the structure that arises out of community created by the linkage of human organic magnetic or psy- chic force is dependent on its environment. But it is easy enough to accept their most prob- able existence. All human organisms, in their natural state, are actually equipped with extensive arrays of sensing mechanisms and faculties.

Read organism, or body structure. It is even safe to say that most people, to some degree anyway, would not live without it. And so they utilized terms more familiar to them. Just pstchic all of these both misunderstood sawnn they saw and, either horrified or disbelieving, mischaracterized it. As a result of this judicious move to the U.

Psychic Sexuality

In other words, as the authors say, its meaning depends on the context. None the less it was revised and added to in a second even larger edition in by the two authors who had discovered more unknown micro-clairvoyant facts about chemical elements. But they set about working assiduously at this fabulous enterprise in order to clairvoyantly see and systematically describe the atomic and sub-atomic particles of all chemical substances.

They also affected the moral sentiments. Very briefly put, it is more or less true that human perceptions can be conditioned by social, cultural and environmental factors. Not much has sur- vived about its practical applications, especially with regard to healing None the less, the evidence is clear that the practical side was by no means neglected, and a large number of magnetic healers emerged during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

But when the context of this statement was applied to the prob- lem of clairvoyant transference, it became quite evidential that the trans- fer also produced certain resonating molecular movements in the brain — and which molecular movements had vibrations capable of acting di- rectly on individual systems.


Radio broadcasting was shortly demonstrated in This is to say that the psuchic of the conventional line-up are officially accepted, while the very real existence of omnipresent sexual energies perpetually experienced by each individual human is l sexualjty not officially accepted.

Rose of the Wildforces added it May 17, K The only factor left was the general idea that life forms are am- if e forms. Dingwall also brought together, in private, a large collection of sexual materials. He then headed to the United States of America.

For, as Crooks concluded in the introduction to his final report: Wilhelm Reich was born the son of a farmer in Dobrzcynica, Galicia. The body is part of mechanical nature, the mind, a “pure thinking substance.

In explanation here, if we abide by the conventional concept that sexuality has a lower-order status and spiritual matters have a lugher-order one, then the Greens and their co-workers were entirely representative of the latter, and in very wonderful ways.

Roserose added it Sep 04, At this, the concept of a formative, indwelling energetic prin- ciple could be abandoned, together with the ideas of indwelling nerve fluid, nerve force, and nervous activity. Indications of this kind of thing are present in many reports, but in a way most people today will not recognize. There are proven examples of telesthesia in the psychical lit- erature. But the five physical senses alone can often be quite notori- ously inadequate when, for example, it comes to such matters as fore- seeing what is going to happen, and when it will.

Although the following brief statement may be oversimplistic, he had begun to demonstrate: But generally speaking, the Copper Wall experiment incorpo- rated large sheets of copper constructed into an environmental surround within which an individual sits.

In this sense, then, unconscious cerebration can be thought of as a type of Intelligence func- tioning beneath conscious awareness.

Psychic Sexuality by Swann, Ingo

The bio-psychic “anatomy” of sexual energies by Ingo Swann. In fact, without experiencing some kind of sexualizing energet- ics, most would not consider themselves completely alive. A far greater mystery, but equally based in copious evidence, has to do with WHY research along the lines of human energetics has been condemned and suppressed by powerful societal factors.


The concept of dualism is quite ancient, some of its formats dat- ing back to Manichaeism arising in Persia about A. After earlier witnessing remarkable demonstra- tions by other mediums, and then sexaulity Home. Refresh and try again. This, if successfully pulled off, is a little difficult to articulate.

Daniel Dunglas Home is the most remarkable and it ig mainly owing to the many opportunities I have had in carrying on my investigation in his presence that I am enabled to affirm so conclusively the existence of this force.

So, if medi- cal clairvoyance is possible, certainly mere sexual clairvoyance is also. Descartes went on to stipulate that aexuality man the mind could also direct the course of the fluid or animal spirits which controls move- ments.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. These positions held by Reich were of no mean importance, and they contributed mightily to his growing reputation as an excellent thinker and scientist. Hoping to achieve the cathexis investiture of the higher ener- flj getic envelope, they all reposed in a circle and attempted to utilize syn- chronized masturbation to trigger the higher powers. In England, though, Edward William Coxa law- yer by profession, seems to have been the first to suggest the term in English.

Colors don’t produce them- selves, but energies as motional vibrations can produce colors.

Full text of “Psychic Sexuality”

The noun implies that an influence is an actual thing in itself, having its own identity. This resulted not only in their historical condemnation, but es- tablished serious barriers against ANY examination of the topics they psychci.

Why Spence did not include as a form of clairvoyance the per- ception of vital energies, auras and energy fields is something of a mys- tery. During the s theories abounded regarding utilizing electromagnetic radiation and waves for across-distance wireless communication.