February 10, 2019

Volume Spread Analysis is an attempt to predict the market direction. If you want to follow the footprints of the big players in the market, relying. Home Tags Kartik Marar. Tag: Kartik Marar. Smoothed RSI by Kartik Marar · nfzrmn – September 27, 1 · Nick Swing MA AFL by Kartik Marar. Trading The MACD Ver by Karthik Marar – Largest database of free formulas, indicators, oscillators and trading systems for Amibroker (AFL), Metastock.

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Friday, June 19, Finally It is better to note the volume during these rallies. It indicates that the Author: It is necessary to look at the background to ascertain the strength of marat Test bar.

So when there is lot of supply near trend lines they absorb all the supply in order to keep the prices above the trend line. This method is much more accurate compared to the earlier one.

Sometime you would find weak up thrusts in early trends. We should see a large, swift mafar in the volume in case of a genuine breakout. One of the major changes is the way the trend evaluation is done. Let us look at an example with a chart. Please fill this form, we will try to respond as soon as possible. Pay attention to the volume pattern during these rallies. The AFL has some parameter variables and if one is not sure about the Random Walk Index it is better to marqr the parameters at default values.


Finding the bottom is more difficult than finding the Tops. The volume need not kartik very high at all. It only shows the lack of participation from SM.

Karthik Marar Archives – Trading Tuitions

Maarar us look at the various changes as below. The next bar shows that supply has decreased which encouraged the SM to push further. Soon, rapid markdown starts leaving the weak money holding the bag and the SM, their cash.

If we assume that a retracement is in progress and it turns out to be a reversal, we end up giving away too much. I was also drawn to this indicator and I was eager to clone it and my karthii were in that direction.

This makes possible the next phase, Markup.

Volume Spread Analysis Karthik Marar

If the stock has been moving up on a high volume and then we encounter a down bar closing down towards low on high volume is a sign of weakness. The method is selectable from the parameter window.

But I go a step further and I draw a middle line. The stock moves within an upper resistance or supply area and a lower support or demand area. For a trader or investor with longer mmarar view the idle time to get in would be when the stock bounces back from the support line. Wyckoff way back in the early s.

There is panic selling from investors. Babu Kothandaraman from the above website Page Stopping volume occurs after long down trend.

Cause and Effect 3. This is actually Author: For simplicity sake and to take the discussion forward, we will keep the above factors common. Wider the spread, more potent the Upthrust. This would mean that the demand is drying up. This makes it easier for the SM to markup the price and entice the weak money.


Experiments in Technical Analysis

So a bar which could be termed as a wide spread bar WRB in non volatile times could become an average or even a Narrow spread bar NRB in volatile times. You will find weakness coming in at mmarar top of the range and strength at the bottom of the range. But the move faltered at the next level. At the same time the SM also supports the prices above jarar certain lower line which is the support area.

Download Trading The MACD Ver by Karthik Marar For Amibroker (AFL)

Though this is their basic definition I have seen subtle difference in the No Demand bar throwing up different commentaries. If Resistance areas are crossed with high volume it is a sign of bullishness and if the crossing is with low volumes caution is advice. The problem is that the congestion areas are seen in both Accumulation as well as Distribution areas. Third, the volume should shrink near the support line and expand near the resistance line. The points to take note are the same ones we talked about in the accumulation zone.

In fact the value 0. The buyers are not karthki to pay a higher price for the stock.