PT4115 PDF

December 21, 2018

PT – LED Driver with Dimming. PTB89E Package SOT PT – LED Driver with Dimming Downloads. PT Datasheet. Description. LEDs need constant current, for example normal LED has mA constant current, but V varying voltage, this board do this kind of work. So I built a pt circuit to control my LEDs! it has a Ohm resistor so it should give me ~ma of current!.

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Sign up using Email and Password. Can you add a picture of your circuit? Plus the heat and current ph4115. PT Led diver Reply to Thread.

Excuse me if my question is too specific. ANd are you sure that diode is not fried.

Also, did the sparks occur during open circuit operation, or when the LED was connected? Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Is it because I use lab power supply? Pt415 also seems to me that I see a wisp of smoke drifting over that chip when the sparking stops. I checked every pin of the IC and didn’t find any short or something wrong.


dc dc converter – PT LED driver – Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. I’ve had ma through a garden lamp F 4 pin chip, but that was by accident testing an LED in circuit.

The datasheet also cautions against using a silicon diode for D3 called D1 or D in the datasheetbecause poor reverse recovery time and high voltage drop can cause high voltages to appear on the SW pin. I have no experience with buck convertors, what can be wrong? Increase the value of the Rs until You have sorted out what the problem really is.

I tried with higher value resistor, but ppt4115 still burning. Assuming the diode is still good, the layout of the board is really bad. I lost one led because of this. Sign tp4115 using Email and Password. I have to turn it off and oon after a few secs. I thought that something conductive around these pins and start to conduct after 10 seconds. Can you take a picture of the circuit for us? One local shop, and one via net. It showed about mA.


PT4115 Datasheet PDF

Pt41115 tried with another power supply with 15V max 5A, and it started to burn very fast Minimize ground noise by connecting high-current ground returns, the input bypass-capacitor ground lead, and the output-filter ground lead to a single point star ground configuration.

Oct 29, 6, 2, It may not require full voltage to trigger. I really dont know what to do I made another pcb. A oscillator might be able to ot4115 that. The PT needs to be turned round degrees with that part layout. BruceHsu So you used plumbing solder?

PT – LED Driver with Dimming [] : Sunrom Electronics/Technologies

The pcb was made very fast, just to test. Try to clean it very well.

You should not be seeing sparks here. According to documentation here: Yes I know transfer method. I’ve checked all parts a hundred times.