December 27, 2018

Album · · 2 Songs. Available with an Apple Music subscription. Try it free. Learn Ramanuja Nootrandadi 1: | Download. Learn Ramanuja Nootrandadi 2: | Download. Learn Ramanuja Nootrandadi 3: | Download. Learn Ramanuja. Attached is pdf of Ramanuja Nootrandhahi. This will be recited today evening at Sri Srinivas pushpa kainkaryam. Just in case if you want the script to recite.

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How he grew and became worshipped by the seven worlds! These are a few of his wondrous deeds. The jootrandhadhi uploaded by you is by Vadagalai iyengars. The good ones who always meit their hearts steeped in the thought of your compassion, consider it wrong that I even asked you for this.

One would do well to recall that just as Raamaayana was sung in the presence of Sri Raamaa Himself, this work also has had the distinction of being recited in front of Sri Raamaanuja, who in fact permitted it to be included under the Divya Prabhandham of Aazhwaars.

‎Ramanuja Nootrandadi by M A Venkatakrishnan on Apple Music

I wonder what the able one intends to do next. Those who pour their lover over Ramanuja are fortune-favoured devotees of excellent merit.

This is my master’s boundless grace. I was caught in the net of repeated birth, and lived blinded by the illusion of Karmic cause, Of your own, you took me of despair and uplifted me. I feel that there is genuine concern for the ramanyja of customers and there orders.

The Substance of Ramanuja’s Sri Bhasya. Do not show something else and trick it away from you! Bless that I may follow you radiant lotus feel like an elephant but follows a cow. They further supreme that the soul become one with supreme after the body is shed, Out Ramanuja won over all these absurdities with his gift of logic and deep thought. Thanks nootrandhhadhi lot Exotic India family for such a fantabulous response. Anonymous July 22, at 2: The faulty arguments that the proponents of dark-Agamas expound lead only to darkness and decay, To rid the world of that darkness, Ramanuja showered his benevolent grace and expounded that the Lord or Arangam is the master of all souls.


When this fould body fails and flounder between life and death, the devotees of Ramanuja, our masters alone will remain with me as my sole refuge. On your own, you came and accepted me, Today your noble qualities are sweet as ambrosia to my lowly self’s soul.

Though very soft towards the devotees of true religion, he was a terror to the followers of six heretic faiths, like the charvakas, whom he purified. Having secured his protection, no more shall I stand and suffer at the door of meanmortals singing their praises as “O, nootrndhadhi rain-cloud”. Even if I sing all morning, evening and nootrandhdahi, will never exhaust his infinite virtues?

Ramanuja came to rule me, and rid me of my birth.

I will be ordering from you again. If I were to say more, there will be no end to it. Thank you for this. No more shall tire myself running after heartless ones, craving for their affection and calling them my relatives. After our golden Kalpaka wishing tree, our Ramanuja Muni was born, the polemic Sramanas, the soleless sakhyas, they lazy nihilists of Siva-agamas, the wrong interpreters among Vedantins, all have been vanquished from the Earth.


Those who understood this have received your grace in such great measure as you have given to me today. Even if you give me Krishna like a fruit in my hands, I still seek the glory that flows from your frame only, Whether I fall into the dungeon of hell or whether I attain the glorious high heaven, you must give me this, or else I shall not live. As in the case of any andhaadhi style the last word of the previous hymn becomes the first word of the succeeding hymn. My lips do not speak of anyone else.


But even after that, the sage worshipped by Yogis shone with the effulgence of lasting fame.

Who in this wide world can understand the nature of your grace? Sriram Narayanan June 24, at He should remove the darkness of ignorance and destroy the sins in his disciple, thereby lifting him to the position of spiritual equality. ramanuma

Today you have made me your servant, such is your grace, But why rxmanuja you let me go my way and waste my life all these years?

When chanted With devotion, times, with an understanding of its meaning, it bestows all the fourfold goals of life.

All emails will be sent by Exotic India using the email address info exoticindia. To protect the good, they have come into this world in the form of a Muni called Ramanuja. With the authority of Vedic texts he has cleared the path of heretic thoughts. Alas I cannot understand the subtie sense in this, Pray tell me.

Ar enakkinRu nigar sollil? Anonymous January 1, at 8: To all those who seek refuge in him, our Ramanuja gives the fruits of his penance, wealth and compassion, and ends the misery of repeated karmic births, then grants the high seat of Vaikunta.

He has weeded out my karmas by the root.