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December 22, 2018

Description and Operating Instructions. SIMATIC NET PROFIBUS. Optical Link Modules. OLM/P OLM/P OLM/G OLM/G OLM/GEEC. OLM/G SIMATIC NET PROFIBUS Optical Link Module OLM / P11 V OLM / P12 V OLM / P22 V OLM / P11 V OLM / G12 V OLM / G22 V OLM. 30 Oct PROFIBUS OLM/G12 V Optical Link Module with 1 RS and 2 glass FOC interfaces (4 BFOC sockets) for standard Distances up to.

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Indication of module status through floating signaling contact Checking the fiber optic cable route quality on LEDs Checking the fiber optic cable route quality Measurement output for optical receiver for logging and plausibility checking of the fiber optic path attenuation with a voltmeter High cascading depth: OLMs are available with one or two fiber optic interfaces with BFOC connectors for different types of fiber optic cables:.

Hygienic Design enclosure Hygienic Design accessories.

6GK1503-3CC00 PROFIBUS OLM/G12-1300 V4.0 Optical Link module

I think you have crossed the cable on CH 3 Port 3 and An electrical bus segment must always be terminated at both ends. Currently I am trying for one of my RIO panels. Optical sensors Special sensors Stainless steel sensors Forked sensors.


I downloaded the hardware but still the modules are not detected when checked in online mode. Please don’t send support requests as PM. Hey Mark, Sorry for the typo error. OLMs are available with one or two fiber optic interfaces with BFOC connectors for different types of fiber optic cables: The termination at the connectors at the OLMs need to be ‘On’. MLC – Special offer. Reflectors and reflective tapes.

6GK15033CB00 – OLM/G12 V4.0 – 1 x RS 485 and 2 x Glass FO MM (4 BFOC) max 3km

And I am really sorry I could not check notification for that post. Do you have an application you wish to discuss? Is the correct FO cable type used multimode? The distance between two OLMs in the redundant ring is only limited by the optical range of the modules RS interface with segment capability Sub-D female connector Unrestricted multimaster operation: See the attachment for basic information. Delivery times to other countries and information how to calculate see here.

You have received answers on that thread that you do not seem to have checked. Also be klm that it is importand to go to the ‘IN’-side of the connector where the termination is On. Single Phase current and voltage monitors Three phase monitoring Insulation monitoring Thermistor motor protection Timer Relays.


Did you try to cross the single cores already?

They are offered preassembled with four BFOC plugs and an insertion tool. But I am concerned about the OLM selection thing also.

Please cross-check your requirements always with official Siemens documentation. Hope this helps, Daniel Chartier.

Switched Mode Power Supplies. The 24 V power supply is fed in through a terminal block and can be redundantly connected.

You need to check the fiber optic wiring. Thanks a lot for your effort.

6GKCB00 PB OLM/G12 V Optical Link Module

Logically siemems is one Profibus, but electrically you have two segments and one optical segment. Ethernet Extender Routers for Remote Access.

Safety Light Beam Devices. But the IOs are not detected in hardware config. Line and redundant ring up to OLM only limited by monitoring times.