January 7, 2019

The Steps Method is a method to teach children to play chess. A large number. That is why the manual for Step 6 differs from the previous ones. The target. Step 1. In the first step all the rules of the chess game are introduced.

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The passed pawn 3: I think the steps work books are incredibly useful.

The same basic schema — read the position, find a solution, check it — appears in each Step. It is a nice and cheap way to learn. Almost all the students are not yet able to play chess well enough even after finishing the workbook accompanying Step 1. Manual for independent learners Step 6 Workbook Step 6 Manual for independent learners Step 6 Manual for independent learners 1 st edition pages with drawings.

A ratings i think: I think the Steps Method is the best chess training system publicly available. IV So what does the Steps Method look like in practice?

The target group has changed. A chapter is devoted on teaching chess to very young children. I also believe that adult players — especially those without access to a top-level coach — can use the Steps as a program for self-improvement. Why do they drop out?


Step 3, for players rated up tois a continuation stappenmethodf Step 2. A test with an intermediate level of difficulty.

The “Stappenmethode” Complete Chess Training System – Chess Forums –

Today Ajax, the leading Dutch club, continues this tradition. I play each week at a local club, and I go over my games stappenmethodf the computer and with my coach. I then do the Plus book and lessons, and cap things off with the second half of the Extra book, which is worksheets filled with problems on mixed themes.

I checked the step method out a few years ago and decided I have enough to study already, but it does look attractive.

The Chess Steps

Mark all topics as READ. Are the puzzles too difficult? It is even reiterated in the chapter on Tactics in the Step 6 manual: It is important for chess players of all levels to repeat the material. Players are led through six courses of planned training, beginning with the most basic components of chess understanding.

The staappenmethode step consists of 14 lessons: Mar 28, 7.

The “Stappenmethode” Complete Chess Training System

Can a king mate a king? That means that there is no hint as to the theme of the exercise, with the result that they are more like a stappenmetohde game.


Stppenmethode in the ending For this reason alone the extra workbooks are an indispensable supplement. Just like in a real game, you do not know whether you can win or whether you have to defend.

The first step is divided in 15 lessons. Young players attend training sessions and play informally.

Polasek, Sachova skladba, Nobama77 7 min ago. They do not yet have a sufficiently good overview of what is happening on the board, i. In another game, I found a tactical shot that took me from lost to won against an player in only one move. I have stappenmethde at the Yusupov books.

Here again only the slightest attention is paid to the opening, and most of the Step is centered on tactics. The level of difficulty of the material is once more a notch higher than in the preceding Step.