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Majestic by Whitley Strieber – book cover, description, publication history. For forty years, Majestic Agency director Wilfred Stone helped the CIA pretend the landing It is a truth so terrifying that Whitley Strieber had to call it fiction. 11 Sep Once upon a time there was an author named Whitley Strieber who wrote some pretty good horror novels (The Wolfen, The Hunger, etc.).

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It is a truth so terrifying that Whitley Strieber had to call it fiction. It had been put here, and the bodies along with it. Were it not so lucidly composed and so finely balanced a work, one might suspect it was the creation of a madman albeit an inspired one. I figure the way you can tell if you are a genetic garbage dump is if aliens have never abducted you. Miriam guardava um rebanho. Despite this, according to public information, no “little boy on a bicycle” was killed by Whitman that day.

He has maintained a dual career of author of fiction and advocate of alternative concepts through his best-selling non-fiction books, his Unknown Country web site, and his Internet podcast, Dreamland.

Majestic by Whitley Strieber – FictionDB

Additional visitor-themed writings include a screenplay for the film Communiondirected by Philippe Mora and starring Christopher Walken as Strieber. The dominant position of his everyday ego, then majestc an extremely precarious thingwould depend on a sense of consistency and continuity which writing, above all, could provide him with.

He is also associated with the Gurdjieff Foundation. And the narrative was so uninspiring and down right bizarre at times that I have fortunately only committed small portions ztrieber them to memory.


Majestic by Whitley Strieber

It became even more peculiar when, without making any overt retractions, Strieber performed a complete turnaround in the following years. This book was a lot more interesting than I had anticipated.

But in Strieber’s case, the gulf in his psyche seems to be unusually wide. It seems an odd discrepancy never to have even referred to. Strieber concludes that the human species is being shepherded to a higher level of understanding and existence within an endless “multiverse” of matter, energy, space and time. Strieber talks a lot about objectivity, but for all his insight and intelligence, he is clearly a man on a mission a fact he freely admits. Without doing him the disservice of premature psychiatric labeling, it may be that he is not fully cognizant of the multiple portions of his psyche, and that, through the act of writing, he is attempting to bring those fragments into harmony.


There were a couple of things that rang true to me, but I have no reason to believe they were accurate other than it felt that way.

Like a golem created by incomprehensible forces, he acts as a host intelligence for alchemical mysteries, mysteries which he brings across the border, into the land of the living, yet apparently without ever fully comprehending them himself. That such a view is at odds with the nature of the contact experience is testified by the glaring inconsistencies of his descriptions, and his own almost constant see-sawing as to whether the beings are benevolent or not.


Scenes where I even got scared.

Wikiquote has quotations related to: Duke by the guilt-racked shell of the man who once worked tirelessly to cover it all up. Give it I discovered this book in mzjestic small town grocery store exactly at the perfect time in my life. Books by Whitley Strieber. He seems a very hospitable and sensible person.

Strieber has a talent for cooking up truly horrifying, unforgettable scenarios.

The Air Force has investigated 6, reports of flying objects sinceincluding in the last six months of Then his conscience got the better of him. A series based on the book was released by SyFy in April called Hunters.

I have to admit that the first evening I started this book, I had a strange and unforgettable dream that is still hard for me to explain.

The mysterious small beings that figure prominently in Catmagic seem to be an unconscious rendering of them, created before I was aware that they may be real. I also have the post apocalyptic ones sitting around in my to read pile.

The story is fiction. Collaborating with James Kunetkahe wrote Wardayabout the dangers of limited nuclear warfareand Nature’s End[6] a novel about environmental apocalypse. There was a whitey adding your email address. I have failed to raise the eyes of the average man.

In the first place he’s a man with tremendous energy and always busy.