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You need an interesting reading book??? I suggest you read Apokryfy Starego Testamentu. PDF Online because this book is interesting and this book is limited . : Sodoma czyli Apokryfy Starego Testamentu: acje oprawa kartonowa stan bdb. 12 Paź Apokryf Starego Testamentu BOOK OF ENOCH by R.H. Charles From The Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha of the Old Testament Oxford: The.

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And the stars which roll over the fire are they which have transgressed the commandment of the Lord in the beginning of 16 their rising, staergo they did not come forth at their appointed times.

And that sheep took other sheep with it, and came to those sheep which had fallen away, and began to slay them; and the sheep feared its presence, and thus that sheep brought back those 36 tsarego that had fallen away, and they returned to their folds. Afterwards the judgement shall take place according to His mercy and His patience.

Deep are all Thy secrets and innumerable, And Thy righteousness is beyond reckoning. I saw how He had furnished with them the whole creation 2 and the firm foundations of the earth. And light has vanished from before us, And darkness is our dwelling-place for ever and ever: And he arose in the hands of the midwife, and opened 12 his mouth and blessed the Lord of heaven.

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Behold ye the earth, and give heed to the things which take place upon it from first to last, how steadfast they are, how none of the things upon earth 3 change, but yestamentu the works of God appear to you. And I will deliver them over unto you duly numbered, and tell you which of them are to be destroyed-and them destroy ye.

The days of their life shall be unending, And the days of the holy without number. And again I raised mine eyes towards heaven and saw a lofty roof, with seven water torrents thereon, and those torrents apokrygy flowed with much water into an enclosure. For we have gathered silver, 9c And many are the husbandmen in our houses.

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I And for all of you sinners there shall be no salvation, j But on you all shall abide a curse. And no request that they i. And as for this fragrant tree no mortal is permitted starfgo touch it till the great judgement, when He shall take vengeance on all and bring everything to its consummation 5 for ever.

And in that fourth portal from which the sun rises in the first month are twelve window-openings, from which proceed a flame when they are opened in 8 their season. And Thou knowest all things before they come to pass, and Thou seest these things and Thou trstamentu suffer them, and Thou dost not say to us what we are to stareggo to them in regard to these. And this is the task of Kasbeel, the chief of the oath which he showed to the holy ones when he dwelt high 4 above in glory, and its name is Biqa.

And I will cause Mine elect ones to dwell upon it: Rushing like a copious watercourse [which flowed] towards the north-west it caused clouds and dew to ascend on every side. And I saw the places of the luminaries and the treasuries of the stars and of the thunder and in the uttermost depths, where were 4 a fiery bow and arrows and their quiver, and a fiery sword and all the lightnings.

And the remaining, four come forth on the side of the north to their own sea, two of them to the Erythraean Sea, and two into the Great Sea and discharge themselves there [and some say: And this is in accordance with My command.

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Who consumed 4 all the acquisitions of men. And one said unto me: And the sun rises on that day from that second portal and sets in the west in the second portal, and returns to the east into the first portal for one-and-thirty 26 mornings, and sets in the first portal in the west of the heaven.


And they said one to another: All the holy ones who are in heaven shall bless Him, And all the elect who dwell in the garden of life: And the third was named Gadreel: Behold the summer and the winter, how the whole earth is filled with water, and clouds and dew and rain lie upon it. And all their deeds manifest unrighteousness, And their power rests upon their riches, And their faith is in the gods which they have made with their hands, And they deny the name of the Lord of Spirits.

Batriel — znaczy deszcz Boga, For the signs and the times and the years and the days the angel Uriel showed to me, whom the Lord of glory hath set for ever over all the luminaries of the heaven, in the heaven and in the testamnetu, that they should rule on the face of the heaven and be seen on the earth, and be leaders for the day and the night, i. And behold they commit sin and transgress the law, and have united themselves with women and commit sin with them, and have married some of them, and have begot children by them.

What shall ye be obliged to do? But they shall not know it, and thou shalt not declare it to them, nor admonish them, but only record against stareog individual all the destruction which 65 the shepherds effect each in his time and lay it all before me.