December 21, 2018

A four-bedroom house whose design attempts to search for a contemporary architecture adapted to the tropical climate. This led to the incorporation. Ken Yeang; Roof-Roof House, Kuala Lumpur, Discover ideas about House Roof. The Roof-Roof House, one of Yeang’s earliest experiments. 18 Sep Born in in Penang, Malaysia, Ken Yeang grew up with his parents in an early Modernist house. He obtained his qualifications in.

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He sought ecologically benign ways to make this built form green and humane to inhabit. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification. Lord Norman Foster of Thames Bank refers to Yeang’s eco-aesthetics, “Ken Yeang has developed a distinctive architectural vocabulary that extends beyond questions of style to confront issues of sustainability and how we can build in harmony of the natural world.

Roof-Roof House AmpangMalaysia. His work on biodiversity and systemic biointegrattion were implemented in the Suasana Putrajaya Putrajaya, based on a ‘biodiversity targets matrix’ originally proposed for the GyeonGi Masterplan Seoul, Korea.

According to Yeang, planning in response to these four principles holistically encompasses eco-design, allowing for the integration of the artificial built environment with the organic ecosystem, ultimately taking advantage of the natural sites offerings climate kfnminimising negative outcomes and producing more energy efficient buildings.

The firm’s work has been published extensively in the international press.

Ken Yeang — comfort futures

There may be relevant discussion on the talk page. This article is an autobiography or has been extensively edited by the subject or by someone connected to the subject. Regarded as a leader in skyscraper design, Yeang over the span of his working career has researched and designed a number of bioclimatic tall building structures, each demonstrating the potential skyscrapers hold for energy efficient design.

The sky terraces harness cooling breezes and the roof gardens and landscaping lower the ambient temperature surrounding the building, a feature that contributes to the National Library having an environmental impact that is lower than that of similar sized office buildings. The building features large 40m high ‘public realms-in-the sky’ as verdantly landscaped toof gardens’, a ground plane as an ‘open-to-the-sky’ plaza for public festivals and culture-related activities.


These are some of the reasons is very stressful. The building’s built form has an organic geometry in his on-going explorations to derive an ecological aesthetic see below. By I had designed the house and at the end of the design stage we put in the second roof in the design. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. He sees the eco-architecture as designed like a ‘constructed living system’.

For Yeang, buildings need to be simple, flexible, able yeanf be assembled and disassembled recyclableand integrate seamlesslesly with the natural environment — the building should always be influenced by the site specifics of ecology, physical landscape and climate.

Other passive and energy efficient measures include the orientation of the building, appropriate building colour, an open plaza between the two blocks to allow for natural ventilation, and motion sensors for lighting and rain detection to moderate energy and water use.

Ken Yeang was ahead of his time. Cited by the The Guardian as one of the 50 people who could save the planet, Ken Yeang is viewed as a theorist, practitioner, architect, and most importantly in his opinion an ecologist. Multiple upper-level sky-bridges link the building’s two blocks one containing the book collections yexng the other shaped block for programming activities.

We had ke keep ahead of the times. Instead, the key is to design the built environment as a system within the natural environment. The impact rolf Yeang’s work on architecture is based on his patterns of biointegration of biotic constituents with the inorganic structure of the built environment.

Yeahg MesiniagaNational Library of Singapore. Could you please tell me more about the immaterial part of architecture and how you handle light and space in your buildings?


Comfort being at the forefront of the design, being a building for the public, meant that three operational modes are used; passive, active air conditioners and artificial light and mixed-mode natural roof roof house ken yeang artificial ventilationa format as Yeang describes, encourages designers to look at how that electricity is generated but still allows for energy reductions.

Yeang has completed over built projects since Retrieved 14 March Yeang has completed ien 12 bioclimatic eco high-rise buildings, several thousand dwellings terraced housesover two million sq.

We cannot run away from it. And finally, it must be motivating — you must make people extremely excited about your work and want hire you as an architect right away.


Taylors University, Malaysia His ideas for an urban park-in-the-sky in the high-rise building type is manifested as a ‘vertical linear park’ in his Solaris Building at 1-North Singapore that is a benchmark building in his green agenda for designing buildings asbiointgratin with nature. Please rotate your device for properly using Archnet.

This endeavour takes eco-design beyond accreditation systems, likely as the next stage in green design, redefining the relationship of the built systems with the ecology of the landscape, enabling a higher level of bio-integration. The dwelling has an identifiable curved louvred umbrella-like upper roof-structure that functions as a solar-filtering device and device that shades the building’s lower roof terrace. These are the news from Burberry but the evolution is generalized: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Please help by adding reliable sources. Light is very, very important and for example, my house has a very bright and cheerful ueang space with no internal glare.

Much of the firm’s early work pioneers the passive low-energy design of skyscrapers, as the ‘bioclimatic skyscraper’.