December 21, 2018

while the DUT is playing the role of PCE Besides, Spirent TestCenter allows the user to configure or adjust the attributes, e g cost and bandwidth, of. Spirent TestCenter™ minimizes that risk by mirroring actual network scenarios and traffic Ŋ Automatically configure traffic with dynamic IP and. mAc addresses. 19 Nov User Documentation Spirent TestCenter user documentation is available in PDF format and as online Help files:? Documents delivered in PDF.

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After compilation and configuration it is possible to run trex server in stateless mode. To install this package follow the instructions below. Pre-configured results for the Dummy traffic generator will spiremt used only in case, that the Dummy traffic generator is used. After its installation you should configure it as follows:.

If you are using two separate cards then it will take the lowest of the two cards as the max speed. Metrics collected for supported traffic ghide 3. To remove this limitation enable promiscuous mode on T-Rex to allow all packets regardless of the destination mac to be accepted.


Such testcase can be run by any user and it will still generate all reports and result files. RFC Throughput Testing 3. Example of sharing configuration: OR run vsperf with the –trafficgen argument. The below configurations can be adjusted to enable this.


How to Using Routing in Spirent TestCenter – OSPF Example

The first 2 values are for address-learning test where as other 3 values are for the Address caching capacity test. This allows simple function calls, nearly identical to those provided by StcPython. Select a version of Spirent TestCenter software to utilize.

Please check the list of traffic-type-metrics. The maximum is set to the last pass rate minus the threshold value set. These parameters applies to all the tests, and are mandatory for all tests. This feature can be enabled in the configuration files as well as the length of the final verification in seconds.

After its installation you should configure it as follows: For best practice results in deploying STCv, the following is suggested: Test xenter share 3. For installation, select the version that matches the Spirent TestCenter Application version. Xena continuous traffic by default does a 3 second learning preemption to allow the DUT to receive learning packets before a continuous test is performed.

In case of burst traffic type, it enables latency measurements for all frames. On the CentOS 7 Guie 3. This would continue the search at 32 but still have spirebt maximum possible value of Refer to your Xena documentation to understand the behavior changes in modifying these values.


Note VSPerf has been fully tested with version v2. cehter

Refer to your Xena documentation to understand the behavior changes in modifying these values. This is similar to other traffic generator functionality where a more sustained time can be attempted to verify longer runs from the result of the search.


In case of Burst traffic type, the latency statistics are measured for all frames in the burst. In case of a Dummy traffic generator it is possible to pre-configure the test results. Each value modifies the behavior of rfc throughput testing. If necessary you can try to force the API to use a specific maximum speed per port. Further information can use obtained from http: Spirrent can perform spirent test center user guide verification run for a longer duration once the binary search of the RFC trials have completed.