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December 21, 2018

The Pagan Christ has ratings and 51 reviews. jcg said: Interesting but unconvincing book. The book is mainly a rehash of the work of Alvin Boyd Kuhn.. . Harpur’s work doesn’t get down here to the States easily; in fact his book of interest here, The Pagan Christ [Thomas Allen, ]. Harpur’s book is merely a. In a work sure to rattle the pews of even the most liberal of churches, ex-Anglican priest Tom Harpur contends that Christianity is built on a history that didn’t.

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Paganism is not even in view here, much less any idea about archaetypal symbolism. It seems to me that he wasn’t trying to save space, but to mislead.

Anglican priest, author Tom Harpur argued that Jesus was an allegory – The Globe and Mail

The zodiac signs are changed, by linguistic equivocation, into “disciples”. Wells Thomas Whittaker Frank Zindler. Transcending both positions, he believes that the real Christ is a universal archetype; a classic, pre-existent gom, known essentially by all humanity. Page 56 – Quote ascribed to St.

He completely dismisses Jesus as having been a historical person in any capacity and his argument to this end is as air tight as they come. Harpur presses the quote into service of an argument that sun worship by Christians was somehow proof of the faith’s pagan derivations. A brilliant student, he won a full scholarship to the University of Toronto, where he studied Classics.

The Pagan Christ: Recovering the Lost Light

I thought Harpur’s book might have been a little more measured but, sadly, it’s much the same as The Jesus Mysteries – a book he even cites are a few times and refers to its authors as ‘scholars’ rather than pulp esoterica merchants. The claim made apparently derives directly from Massey, who patan not a shred of documentation for this claim.

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Some critical work backing this up was done for us by W. Hadpur is again the same equivocation done with Mithra in the zodiac: Whether Philo himself gave them this name, employing an epithet well suited to their mode of life, or whether the first of them really called themselves so in the beginning, since the name of Christians was not yet everywhere known, we need not discuss here.

Some pictures would have helped. They had a hobby farm, keeping horses, donkeys and cattle. Truths at the heart of Christianity flow from the deep well of the chrixt unconscious whose core ideas were planted there by God, he says. Since he died inKitchen noted, “nothing by Higgins could be of any value whatsoever, because decipherment of the Egyptian hieroglyphs was still being finalized, very few texts were translated, and certainly not the vast mass of first-hand religious data.


The book is mainly a rehash of the work of Alvin Boyd Kuhn whose theories Harpur seems to have swallowed uncritically, even to the point of repeating the rather dubious etymology of Abraham as a Hindu name.

Letters to the Editor. Settings Tips on technique 3: Harpur is certainly unaware of the harpkr of Anup with Anubis as he calls the former a “minor deity” [94]. He states that a number of thhe cultures in different regions and time periods drew on symbolic themes such as virgin birth, deity father, star in the east, raising of the dead, descent into hell, crucifixion, resurrection, and others.

Consider the playing surface itself: The Pagan Christ Cover artwork for first edition. Not only Gnostics and other heretics, but Christians who considered themselves faithful, held in a measure to the worship of the sun. Cover artwork for first edition. Can you toom any scholars who agree with you concerning the lack of historicity of the crucifixion? It truly transformed my ideas about the Christ myth and shone light on signs and symbols that I had become fed ttom with.

In a brief summary Tom Harpur concludes that the bible is fiction that is a compilation of myths and stories from older religions compiled in a manner and strung together to make it seem like a true history. Harpur clearly does not have the discipline to write an extended narrative coherently; while his writing talents work well for a newspaper column, in which short, declarative assertions can make for an adequate presentation, in a book purporting to overturn scholarly consensus, it is merely something that makes him look like he is swimming out of his depth.

Its like the X-files but instead of aliens its religion. These they use as models, and imitate their principles.

Pages – Numerous purported similarities to Horus and Jesus are given, but uncited, by Harpur. Harpur failed my challenge to name any scholars who deny the historicity of the crucifixion.

Our understanding of life after death can be enhanced. These similarities are brought up quite frequently on Christ Myth web sites, but, to my knowledge, no primary source, such as the “Book Of The Dead” supports these contentions. While he manages to bring life and relevance to the stories of the New Testament there are places where he still clings to outdated and unhelpful ideas.


Augustine is stating the position of a theologian Varro with whom he disgarees. The parallels between the Maple Leaf players and Horus are many and substantial; in fact it can be proven, beyond any doubt, that ALL of the “players” on the Maple Leaf roster are actually figures borrowed from ancient Egyptian mythology and were never real people at all! True, they were more concerned to preserve what was important to them and that meant Christian writing – but to accuse them of not being interested in exactly what we are interested in is small minded and churlish when we owe them so much.

To not provide this, and to bypass peer review with a popular presentation, is a signal that Harpur can place no academic confidence in his positions; that he knows he can not and will not survive scholarly peer review, and that he wished to impose his views upon a less critical public at large. For they read the holy Scriptures, and explain the philosophy of their fathers in an allegorical manner, regarding the written words as symbols of hidden truth which is communicated in obscure figures.

Blue, the color that Kandinsky said draws the individual towards the infinite and awakens a yearning for purity, was the color that ancient Egyptian tombs were painted; blue was thought to be the color that separated mankind from the Beyond.

Naturally, as with all such critics, Harpur is challenged to provide actual answers to these points made. Wells is not even a scholar in this field, and has even changed his mind lately about the Christ-myth. Tekton Research Assistant “Punkish” earns a gold star again for finding the answer.

The family was religious and at first were fundamentalists, though they later returned to the Church of England, Dr. We have been led to believe that the rituals and symbols of the Maple Leaf game are unique, but how surprised regular viewers of NHL broadcasts will be to learn that all of these, everything – from the national anthems to the final sips from the cup – already existed in ancient Egyptian sources!