December 21, 2018

Ring sizer from ! Three awesome ways to measure your ring size. To have the best accuracy please make sure this PDF is printed at %. Print this page and cut out the Ring Sizer shown above. Cut a small slit next to the arrow. 2. Place the Ring Sizer around your finger, then slip the pointed end. Your printable ring sizer from Zales. Choose from our three accurate measuring techniques. For accuracy, please ensure that PDF is printed at %.

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I went and looked. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Zales My first try was in Google using a trusty site: The Facebook note is as drop dead simple as you can get. Just go with your best estimate using the options above, and size up when in doubt. Did this article help you? I started in Google with a simple site: With that said, if you’ve ever bought jeans from different brands, you’re well aware that a clothing size 6 doesn’t always fit the same way—and it’s no different for rings.

Ring Size Chart: How to Measure Ring Size

And the custom of wearing it on the left hand is said to stem from the zalew Egyptians’ belief that the fourth finger’s vein connects directly to the heart. There are also some deviations of ring size charts among jewelers regardless of location. If she literally only takes her rings off to lotion her hands for five seconds, slip the ring on your finger and note exactly where it fits on your finger.

My first try was in Google using a trusty site: Lumera will also resize the ring at no charge see details. If you’re having a ring resized sixer ordering a ring in a certain size, make sure that you and the person you’re dealing with are speaking in eizer same units of measure.


And always use any tools or follow any tips provided on the jeweler’s website.

Check with a parent or close friend. Standard ring sizes are given in millimeters based on the inner circumference of the ring.

Ring Size Chart: How to Measure Ring Size

Read the measurement off the measuring tape, then use a sizing chart, such as the ones at mg-jewelry. The most common ring size for a woman is between 5 and 7.

Oh, I have to download a PDF file. Pulling off a surprise proposal can be a challenge if you need to ask your intended what their ring size is beforehand.

Following are some suggestions for determining the correct ring size. Download rlng here for free. If your ring is the correct size for your finger, it’s less likely to fall off. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. What Is a Promise Ring? Rest assured, if you need to guess, and miss the mark, a resizing is a simple and inexpensive procedure that can be done quickly at any jewelry store.

Determine Ring Size | Printable Ring Sizer

Nothing jumped out at me, but maybe if I went to the actual website I would get quick answer. Kay Jewelers I started in Google with a simple site: Wrap a flexible measuring tape around your finger where you want the ring to sit.

If the in-person method logistically won’t work, consider purchasing your own mandrel set or a plastic ring sizer to use at home while rinv a ring size chart. Notify me of new posts by email. Don’t know how to measure ring size and thinking it might be simpler to skip the ring and opt for a more permanent finger tattoo? If she only takes it off to work out or shower and you have limited access to the ring, buy a bar of soap and press the ring in to make a mold.

Having the right size ring also makes it easier to keep the gemstone or any ornaments on your ring facing out as they should, and gives you a way of ordering correctly sized rings, or resized rings, sight unseen.

  ACI 352.1R-11 PDF

If all else fails, simply choose the size of ring that looks closest from the printable ring sizer below. Sources and Citations http: This may not be exact, but it will allow you to purchase a ring that fits reasonably well and is easily resized after the proposal.

Ask a friend who appears to have similar sized fingers what ring size they wear. And to add one more wrench in ring sizing, the style needs to be considered. It’s up to the jewelry company to decide what metric they want to use.

Each of your fingers may be a different size, so always zakes each finger individually–even the same fingers on opposite hands.

How Zales, Kay Jewelers and Tiffany & Co. Overthought Ring Sizing

But possibly the easiest ring sizing method of all is to skip the ring size chart and go straight to the source—a jeweler. Misurare un Anello Print Edit Send fan mail to authors. Shift the ring around until you find a circle the matches the inside of the ring exactly.

Your email address will not be published. Unsolicited advice The PDF that Zales offered is very well done, and should be kept as a marketing piece. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. Certainly those giant retailers have that information on their site. Alternatively, you can print off the ring sizing band located at either of the sizing chart links. Most women can easily accommodate a ring within a half size of their true ring size.

With such rich meaning and symbolism, engagement rings are designed to last a lifetime.